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Praise for the Secrets Series

"In Burstein & de Keijzer's book, Secrets of 24, expect more thought-provoking stories from the Wall Street Journal and Atlantic Monthly rather than puff pieces about Chloe's hair."
–Whitney Matheson, USA Today
“After reading 11 debunker books, I consider Dan Burstein’s Secrets of the Code to be the best of the lot.” -- Marcia Ford,

"Secrets of 24 is an engaging read and helps frame world politics and moral issues using examples I can understand."
“Regardless of whether you've read Brown's novel, Secrets of Angels & Demons is a fascinating browse.” -- Lexington Herald-Leader

Secrets of the Widow's Son is unique because it comes not in response to a Brown novel, but as herald to one . . .” -- Mark Harrison, The Times-Journal

Secrets of the Code is a veritable Da Vinci Code encyclopedia.” -- The Rough Guide to the Da Vinci Code

"In Secrets of 24 it's insightful to hear from the cast and creators of the show, but more interesting than that are society's intellectuals squeezing philosophical and political thought out of an hour-long show with the crazy premise of one man saving the world in 24 hours."
"From the book, Secrets of 24: We do want democratic process, but we also want justice. And the show allows us to have both, and that's why we love it.
– David Heyman, terrorism scholar, The Heritage Foundation.
“For starters, Burstein's Secrets of the Code unravels a hidden message on the dust jacket of the hardcover edition, and, unlike the others, he doesn't attack the book from a religious standpoint.” -- Wall Street Journal

Secrets of Angels & Demons . . . contains eye-opening, thought-provoking essays from noted scholars, thinkers, and experts . . .” -- U.S. News & World Report

"From the book, Secrets of 24: It’s a show. It could be completely realistic or it could be entertainment. Which do you want?"
–Carlos Bernard, who played CTU agent Tony Almeida for several seasons on 24.
" Secrets of 24 is guaranteed to give you your 24 fix, and then some. The book will give you tremendous insight into how the show is seen as well as some extraordinary background on the show’s characters and settings.”
Secrets of the Code is one of the best of a recent boomlet of books … a collection of various scholarly and critical opinions.” -- Reader’s Digest

“If . . . you’re just dying to read about the conjunction of Freemasonry, the Founding Fathers, and the nation’s capital, Secrets of the Widow’s Son . . . is there for you.” -- The Washington Post

Secrets of the Code is a fun and interesting read.” -- National Catholic Reporter

“…Secrets of the Code is an impressively thorough collection of essays about every aspect of The Da Vinci Code… It’s the best of all the books I read.” -- Frederick Zimmerman, Solomon Key and Beyond (blog)

"From the book, Secrets of 24: You don’t need to watch 24 as a kind of primer on moral philosophy, but you probably should."
–Brian M. Carney, The Wall Street Journal.
"ecrets of 24 is an exciting, engaging, and informative read for everyone fascinated with the series--and an essential companion for understanding the show's central concerns."
“If The Da Vinci Code interests you, I cannot recommend too highly the Secrets of the Code . . . It is more interesting than the original book.” -- Norbert Spehner, Revue Alibis

Secrets of Mary Magdalene is a really terrific collection of essays by scholars and alternative thinkers.” --

"From the book, Secrets of 24: The show may even work as a kind of inoculation, jolting us with a little dose of manageable terrorism or nuclear threat or biological warfare as a balm to our deeper, unspoken anxieties."
–Charles McGrath, cultural critic for The New York Times.
"From the book, Secrets of 24: What is the toughest part of the show? A lot of fake typing. It’s so hard. It hurts my fingers."
–Lynn Rajskub, who plays “Chloe” on 24 but is a comedienne in “real life.”
Secrets of the Code is an excellent resource—and gripping read unto itself.” -- Westport magazine

Secrets of the Widow’s Son explores the history and symbols of the Freemasons with many little-known facts and stories of their early beginnings.” -- Barbara Fielding,

“In bringing such questions and scholarly voices together into the wider public domain, Secrets of the Code has done us a service.” -- Anthony Egan, Mail & Guardian

“Dan Burstein’s skills as a journalist are evident throughout Secrets of the Code.” --

“For any fan of Dan Brown—and they now number in the millions—Secrets of the Widow’s Son is not to be missed.” -- Allan Paul Curtis,

“For readers fascinated by Dan Brown's works (and curious about the successor to The Da Vinci Code), Secrets of the Widow’s Son will increase their pleasure.” -- Steven C. Bullock, Historian

Inside Angels and Demons

Inside Angels & Demons: The book guaranteed to change the way you read the block-buster Dan Brown thriller and see the film.

Inside Angels & Demons is your key to understanding all the fascinating elements of the plot: The Vatican’s darkest secrets…the closed chambers of the papal selection process…the little-known mysteries of Rome’s architecture and Bernini’s sculptures…the historic—and still very current—debate between science and religion…and the conspiratorial Illuminati.

Inside Angels & Demons, the updated version of the international best-seller, Secrets of Angels & Demons, will let you separate fact from fiction. It puts at your finger-tips world-class historians, theologians, technologists, scientists, myth debunkers, art historians, and writers and thinkers of all types discussing the issues triggered by Dan Brown’s murder mystery—and now the movie starring Tom Hanks as the symbologist-turned-action-hero Robert Langdon and Ayelet Zurer as the brainy/sexy/mystical entanglement expert Vittoria Vetra.

Authors Dan Burstein and Arne de Keijzer have drawn together this group of outstanding experts to penetrate and explore the fascinating themes driving the plot of both the book and the film, giving readers the single best and most authoritative guide to this chapter of the Dan Brown phenomenon.

Amir Aczel, best-selling science writer, author of Entanglement; Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and host, NOVA’s “Origins” series; Marcelo Gleiser, author, The Prophet and the Astronomer; White House Faculty Awards Fellow; Tod Marder, professor of art history and fellow of the Academy in Rome; Richard Dawkins, fellow of the Royal Society; author, New York Times bestseller The God Delusion; Cyril Wecht, former coroner, Pittsburgh, PA; Dean Hamer, NIH scientist and author, The God Gene; Owen Gingerich, professor of the history of science, Harvard University; Robert Anton Wilson, acclaimed science fiction author, including Illuminatus!; Richard P. McBrien, professor of theology, University of Notre Dame; Diane Apostolos-Cappadona, professor of religious art and cultural history; Greg Tobin, author, Selecting the Pope : Uncovering the Mysteries of Papal Elections; Michael Barkun, expert on conspiracy theories; George Lechner, professor of Italian art and culture; James Carlisle, scientist and serial entrepreneur; John Dominic Crossan, author of more than 20 books on Christianity; Paul Davies, Templeton Prize winner; professor of astronomy, physics, and mathematics; Deirdre Good, General Theological Seminary; author; contributor to Secrets of Mary Magdalene; Steven J. Harris, authority on scientific history; professorships at Harvard, Brandies, and Wellesley; George Johnson, New York Times science writer and best-selling author; John W. O’Malley, a Jesuit priest; author, Four Cultures of the West; Geoffrey K. Pullum, linguist specializing in English grammar; Wade Rowland, author, Galileo’s Mistake; David Shugarts, investigative reporter, author of Secrets of the Widow’s Son; James Wasserman, expert on the occult and author, Art & Symbols of the Occult; ... and other experts in science, art, philosophy, and conspiracy theory.


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